In the ForgetIT project a number of technology demos has already been created:


On-line video analysis service demo

On-line Video Analysis Service Demo

Private Preservation Demo (was presented at CeBIT 2015)

Image analyis and clustering in support of preservation decisions and content condensation:

  • See demo: http://multimedia.iti.gr/ForgetIT/images_varioustravels/demonstrator.html
  • Explanation: This is a demo of image analysis techniques developed by CERTH-ITI in ForgetIT. The techniques used in this demo include automatic image quality assessment, visual concept detection, image clustering and image collection summarization. The user can select one of the images on the lest side of the demo window and see in the center area the corresponding quality assessment and concept detection scores, the cluster that the image has been assigned to, and all image clusters that have been formed for the entire image collection that the selected image belongs to (i.e., a summary of the collection). The user can also select one of the featured concepts on the bottom left side, to perform concept-based retrieval within the entire image dataset, or do the same by clicking on one of the concept score bars or quality score bars that are shown for any selected image.


Multi-user photo collection synchronization and summarization

  • Explanation: This demo shows a method for synchronizing photo collections taken by different users on a joint event. This is for example useful to create a multu-perspective family photo collection from a holiday trip.

Text summarization in support of content condensation for preservation and for diary creation as part of the ForgetIT reminiscence use case

Re-contextualization support in case of unsufficient context for older preserved content

Interlinking with external sources in support of content contextualization


ForgetIT Cloud-Based Preservation-Aware Storage System Demo

  • See demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rXeNbps8wo
  • Explanation: shows the cloud-based preservation-aware storage system, which has been developed in the project and explains the benefits of such an intelligent storage system



Our Partners

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  • Turk Telekomunikasyon AS
  • The Chancellor, Masters and Scholars of the University of Oxford
  • IBM Israel - Science and Technology Ltd
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